Okay, so we all talk to ourselves each day, even give ourselves a little pep talk when you want to work out or hit up your boss for that big raise you deserve. But do you ever start your day with morning affirmations? The first hour of your morning is the most crucial. This hour determines your experience for the entire day!

When you wake up, don’t complain or start with negativity. Instead, take your time to reflect on what kind of day you want. It’s okay to spend a little time snuggling and allowing your body to slowly get up. Let your mind, body & soul ease into the morning. Often we jump out of bed quickly only to tell ourselves “Oh, another day” while rushing out the door to continue our chaotic schedules.

Stay positive as you get up and head into the morning shower or to start the coffee pot. Tell yourself more than once if needed that today you are going to have a great day! It’s okay to gaze into your eyes in front of that mirror and say “I love you, I love myself”. Self love is not vain, it’s self care and self healing. If setting that alarm clock 15 minutes earlier is what is needed, take the time. The more time you have to reflect on your day and give yourself some self love the better.

If you have that extra time, set out a journal and write your expectations and dreams for the day, week or year. Or take some time to stretch. Getting your body and mind in motion for the day is crucial. The idea is to feel good about yourself and your day.

Once you’re all set and your body and mind are awake, start your morning affirmations.

Here are a few of my favorites that have helped tremendously:

  • Today, I will create a wonderful new day filled with love & light
  • I seek you with all my heart Psalms 119:105
  • My thoughts and words will reflect you Psalms 19:14
  • I have a noble purpose and a hope Peter 2:8-9
  • I will shut out any negativity and remain positive


How do you start your morning now? After reading this, what can you do to fill each day with light & love? I want to hear your thoughts..



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