What’s in a name?

How often have we heard that question and soon began day dreaming about a young Leonardo DiCaprio in his role of Romeo

But has that question had you sit and ponder about the meaning of your name? Now I’m not speaking about some definition of “loyalty, beauty or nobility” that you have googled. I’m referring to the meaning that you have given that name.

We don’t inherit a meaning or representation of a name from a previous name sake. Your grandmother may have been a loving or generous woman but that characteristic does not follow with the name given at birth. Your name is defined by YOU and only YOU.

At 36 I have had three names given through birth, adoption & marriage. Each name special  with its unique meaning given by me.

My birth name of Vaughan, this will always represent my past, birth father and the sweetest memories with my grandmother. It represents a  young Roxann stumbling through childhood.

My adopted name, Dube, was taken at the age of 13. This was a critical time in my teen years and the name Dube held a different meaning than my birth name. Dube was a new beginning, a connection to a growing family. 

And now my favorite, the best for last, Gallegos, my married name. 16 years I have represented the last name Gallegos. This name has become who I am as a person & woman. Gallegos represents marriage, motherhood, adventure & love ~ my favorite. 

Your name not only holds meaning that is dear to you but it is a representation of who you are. Are you kind, loving or bitter and angry? Do you hold your head high with integrity and represent your name well amongst the community?

When I introduce myself, I want people to remember my name and remember the wife & mother that I am. My name also represents the photographer and blogger ~ very important jobs i love. 

When you lift your head up from this article, reflect on the meaning of your name. Think about who you are and what your name represents.

You can comment below and share your personal meaning. I’d love to hear from you!



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