Have you ever packed up your family and headed down a 5+ hour road trip to another state just for fun? No? You’re missing out! Last minute road trips to a new & unknown destination are the BEST! 

Our family decided we just didn’t experience enough snow in sunny South Texas. So, New Mexico was our destination for February.

Thankfully, we were able to book a cabin in the woods. And I do mean we were lucky, very lucky because nearly every hotel, resort and cabin was booked!  We managed to score a 3 bedroom, 2 bath cabin in Ruidoso, New Mexico.

Perfect since we were taking this trip with another couple and their two toddlers. Can you say 5 kids in one road trip? Talk about an adventure! 

The cabin was fully loaded with all of the amenities from furniture to appliances and dishware. This made our task of only obtaining groceries less stressful. Now, don’t think for a minute you’ll find an HEB in New Mexico. NOPE! That is a Texas thang.

Our first stop in Ruidoso was the slopes. AKA the winter park with man made snow! Yes, we are that family that drove from Texas to New Mexico to play in man made snow…But don’t knock it until you try it! The kids all had a blast and even our toddler was able to fly down the big kid slopes at full speed in his own little tube. This momma’s hair was turning white because those slopes were not small and I may be a little terrified of heights. 😉

I would highly recommend the Winter Park for kids 15 & younger. Remember to take snow boots or water boots, snow gear such as winter coats, snow pants & gloves! Although this is a park with man made snow, the winter park is located at the base of the mountain in Alto, New Mexico so the temperatures are freezing! Food & drinks are sold at the concession stand for your convenience. 

Next stop, Grindstone Lake for a little hiking, rock skipping & fishing. We visited New Mexico in early February so the winds were swift and the temperatures were low. This limited time outside for these Texas Folks who were used to 70-80 degree winters. However, we did make the best of our time and enjoy hiking and fishing with the kids. The views were spectacular! 

We spent some much needed down time hiking Lincoln National Forest on a rainy day. Yes, you are correct. This trip was last minute, no itinerary just road trippin’ by day and taking it one day at a time. Which is so unlike me! I plan with a binder, an itinerary, a map, I’m a bit of a dictator on trips so this was much needed. 

I would highly recommend taking a trip during the winter months to New Mexico! 


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