There is always, always something to be thankful for


As we enter day 12 of the November 30 Day Challenge I can’t help but think about all the days past that I have not taken the time to reflect on what I am grateful for. Don’t get me wrong, I have felt gratitude for the life I have been blessed with. However, It’s taken a challenge at the end of the year to realize that I should be grateful every day for all things big & small.

Did you know that taking time each morning before starting your day to reflect on what you are grateful for can force you into a positive state of mind? I know, we all have busy schedules, kids, spouses and pets waiting for us to get up and get going. Before you get started, take a minute and just choose one thing, one small thing that you are grateful for.

It’s so easy now a days to focus on all the things that can go wrong or do go wrong. This mindset causes us to feel discontent. When you force yourself to think about the good things, the things you are grateful for, then you start to feel satisfied with every day life.  You start to realize that these little bad days or moments don’t really matter. They are insignificant.

How can you change your mindset everyday and make gratitude a habit?

  • Make the effort to start each day focused on thankfulness. Focus on the first few hours of your morning and what makes you happy. Is it the coffee, the bacon & eggs or a trip to Starbucks?
  • Take the time to write down what you are thankful for. Or post it on social media so you can reflect back over time. Starting the November 30 Day Challenge has had a huge impact on my outlook. I find that I am becoming more appreciative for all the small and big things that make up this wonderful, adventurous life I’m living.
  • Reflect on the past and where you are today. I started out with my high school sweetheart and $500 and it amazes me everyday how far we have come with three children and a cattle operation.
  •  Focus on the small stuff. You remember that favorite eye shadow you put on today and how it made you feel? Or how about that suit & tie and the confidence you gained? Savor every little thing that makes you happy and appreciate them.
  • Say “thank you” as often as possible. Thank you to the gentleman who held the door open for you this morning, or thank you to the wonderful spouse who poured you a cup of joe and thank you to those wonderful children who helped with chores around the house so you can enjoy more “me time”.


What are some of the things you are grateful for and how can you practice gratitude more often?





2 thoughts on “Give thanks

  1. Seeing your posts from your November Challenge has reminded me in my own life to find something everyday to be thankful for. I always feel it in my heart, but don’t take the time to reflect on it or write it down. I used to, then I got busy, then I got unused to it. It’s a challenge to make it a habit, so thank you for the reminder!!


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