Flourish { flour•ish } to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way


Often we get so wrapped up in our daily routines that we let life get the best of us. We loose sense of ourselves, our goals, our faith and our patience.

There are so many ways to get re-centered and in tune with our minds, heart & soul such as yoga, affirmations, meditation or therapy. What about reading? Yes, reading the right books can help too! 

I have held on to these top three books now for the past few months. When I start to feel like maybe I’m wearing down or loosing hope & faith, I pick one up and read a few chapters. 

Here is a list of my favorites and what they are all about! 

The Better Mom ~ I absolutely love this book! Ruth Schwenk teaches us that life is far from perfect and it’s not our job to be the perfect mom! She teaches us how to overcome emotions such as anxiety and anger. Ruth also discusses Jesus and his call on us for a more important role.

Once Upon A Farm ~ Rory Feek tells his story about loosing his beloved wife Joey. Rory opens up about all the choice they made and his journey raising their daughter after his wife’s passing. This is an incredible book to read about hope, faith and healing.

The Good, The Bad & The Grace of God  ~ This is my personal favorite! Reading along to Jep & Jessica’s story, you really had that presence of their personalities. Each chapter written so perfectly you felt as though they were right there sharing their stories with you. I loved how open and honest each was with their life. This is definitely at the top of my list!



What are some of your favorite books to read for inspiration & faith?


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