Write Your Truth

I saw this quote this morning on Instagram and it really hit close to home.

Life is not like an instagram profile! It’s messy and most days like a rollercoaster.

As much as I love my instagram layout and keeping things light & airy with a touch of organic, I have to admit that reality is not identical to that pretty little layout.

So here it goes, here is my truth, not my insta-life ~

Like everyone else, I have good days, great days and then there are those really dark days where I struggle with my mental health and those days effect everyone around me. My marriage isn’t perfect but we work at it a little at a time with love and patience. My kids are feral, yes, they don’t clean their rooms everyday and need a reminder or two about their attitude but they are really good kids overall.

I have been emotionally, physically & sexually abused as a child and I still carry those demons with me today. My mental health is not up to par but I’m chipping away at it with the support & love of my family and a very good therapist and maybe some medications..

I mentioned a few blogs back that my reasoning for writing was to not only flourish as an individual but to share my stories so that anyone who can relate or who has been in my shoes will see that there is hope, there is no loneliness in that dark hour and even though we have some really shitty days, it does get better in time.

Today I want to focus on getting back to reality and sharing my story, my truth.

This morning I woke up with the goal to get through today with a positive mindset & determination to let those demons lay dormant. I jumped on the treadmill for 30 minutes, enjoyed a hot cup of Noble Tea and said my morning affirmations. I left a note of love and hope by my sweet husbands side and headed out the door for a productive work day.

I can’t guarantee that today will be smooth sailing and end perfectly but I can say that I am giving it my best today. Tomorrow, well, we’ll take it one day at a time.

2 thoughts on “Live Your Truth

  1. It was a very raw and real post, very beautiful and encouraging. Thanks for having the courage to share. Mental health in my opinion is of the upmost importance, and unfortunately our demonds play a role in that, but like you say we aren’t alone and we can overcome them. Hope this doesn’t sound weird but I feel like we have quite a bit in common.


    1. Not weird at all & thank you! It was something I went back & forth on whether or not to say anything but at the end I felt I was strong enough now to deal with the quiet whispers and stares in our small town. LOL
      It’s amazing how many people have suffered or are suffering but say nothing but mental health is still so “taboo” no one wants to talk about it on a real level.


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