when we find peace in ourselves, we find peace all around us

often times we focus so much on the negative we loose sight of the good and soon find ourselves stressed & overwhelmed.

here are a few things we can do for ourselves to find peace in each day:

  • meditate – taking 10 minutes of deep breathes & sitting still in a relaxed state can sooth the effects of physical & emotional stress on our bodies.
  • focus – stop focusing on anything negative and bad and start focusing on what you are grateful for. writing these things down each day can also change your mood and reinstate a balanced perspective on your day.
  • distance – make the effort to distance yourself from negativity even if that means turning off the news or distancing yourself from someone. remember, your tribe attracts your vibe.
  • write – ever have a really bad day, write about it. no one ever has to read it but you can write it all out, all the emotion and frustration. you will find that keeping a journal is a big help.
  • exercise – just 10 minutes can release endorphins that effect our mental and physical peace. take a walk, jog or pop in a cd and dance like no one is watching.

I hope that today brings you peace & love!

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